Saturday 29 November 2014

In the Moment #18: November (Spark Sessions, Miracle 10, Meeting Sam and Nicki Chapman, MissLyn)

This month has been crazy!!!! With the Sephora sale and the events, I've been a really spoiled beauty blogger!

Spark Sessions

This blogging conference really gave me a lot to think about. I was going to do a reflections post on it but then I got lazy. Because of Sparks, I've been thinking more about blog authenticity, the direction my blog is heading, what success means to me, and how to succeed in the huge sea of beauty bloggers.

I went to a talk about blog monetization and a lot of the conference focused on PR relationships and becoming 'professional' but I'm not convinced that's my desired direction (and more and more I'm wondering how I'm staying 'true')...In general, it made me want to learn more about my audience, to be more strategic and it renewed my belief that good content will always win (sort of...I also realized that for some stats will always win an ugly truth).  And yes..while most people struggled to stay awake during the legal ethics of blogging talk, I WAS RIVETTED!

I have many more thoughts that need to be solidified but I'll just leave you with those.

Miracle 10 Event

This was a skincare event to explore the Miracle 10 Skincare line. Everyone was given a skin consultation and Michelle Villette, founder of the Beauty Editor, which I don't read, gave a talk on beauty trends and the beauty biz. I got to hang out with some blogger friends, got my makeup retouched with Dior and got a facial peel booked (scaarreeeddd!)

Real Techniques Road Show with Sam and Nicki Chapman

I am not embarrassed to say that I never watched a Pixiwoo youtube video. LOL. A lot of bloggers at the event were super EXCITED about meeting Sam and Nicki and I was just awkward. But I know of them and I know that I love their brushes.

The event, held at Joey's near Eaton Center, promoted the RT brush line and there was an interview and Q&A with Sam and Nicki. It was actually a really good event. The Chapman sisters were personable and the great questions were asked. I actually learn more about the RT line and I can see how much the sisters believed in their brand. Who wouldn't? Those brushes are amazing!!! We all ended up with the Duo Fibre brush collection in our swag bags.

MissLyn Launch

MissLyn, a sister brand to German cosmetic line Art Deco, is going to launch in Shoppers Drug Mart in December. The launch event was held in the UBER swanky Trump Hotel and introduced the polish line to attendees. We got manicures and mixed/mingled with others though Jen and I mostly ate (well...I ate, there weren't many vegetarian options for Jen) and took the colors in.

The nail polishes have amazing shine. I spoke with the manicurists and they liked the shape of the brushes and pigmentation of the colors though some do need a second coat. I took a look at the Misslyn website and I'm not sure if the whole cosmetics line will launch or just the polishes so keep an eye out for them at Shoppers.

And on top of that there was IMATS which I already covered.

Phew! Sorry for the huge round up but that was my November.
Yea...a very spoiled beauty blogger indeed.

Look out for reviews on the Miracle 10 Skincare line once I finish their 10 day challenge, some thoughts on the Duo Fibre brushes and maybe David might make an appearance on the blog about the Nivea lotion we got from Sparks....maybe...

How was your November?

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