Saturday 8 November 2014

Stocking Stuffer Confusion ft Sephora Endless Kisses: Lip Gloss Set*

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Sephora Endless Kisses: Lip Gloss Set review and swatch's almost Christmas? Is 32 days an appropriate time to say its "almost Christmas?" With Halloween decorations coming out sooner and sooner before Oct 31, I feel like Christmas planning can almost start right on Nov 1st nowadays.

Maybe you can blame it on my immigrant parent/family background but stockings and stocking stuffers weren't adopted by my family around the holidays (I also didn't understand Christmas crackers for a very long time until I bought a box to figure out what those things actually did). When I think stockings, I think old ladies. Or (a complete 360) sexy thigh highs, but that's an aside. I didn't understand the concept of getting 'extras' aside from your christmas present but for those of you who make this a practice, there are a few Sephora sets that make economical stuffing options ie. the Sephora Endless Kisses: Lip Gloss Set* ($35CDN).

Sephora Endless Kisses: Lip Gloss Set review and swatch

  The 10 colors come in Clear Shine, Gold Shimmer, Pink Shimmer, Soft Pink, Peach Shimmer, Hot Pink, Neutral Rose, Brown Shimmer, Red, and Purple in a few finishes. Apparently the glosses have been formulated to be layered so you can test out ombre looks with these.

They all have some degree of shimmer but Hot Pink, Neutral Rose and Purple have the least. Those labeled shimmer have obvious (but not chunky) glitter particles. However as the gloss wears off it leaves a trail of silver glitter.

Sephora Endless Kisses: Lip Gloss Set review and swatch

For whatever reason, some of these numb my lips when I applied them, especially Purple. I don't know what anaesthetic they're putting in there but the loss of lip feeling was sort of disconcerting hahaha and not quite pleasant. Some of the shades need two passes to get opacity (Hot Pink, Purple) and the shimmers can come off frosty. I still haven't embraced the new influx of the 90s so I'm not a fan.

As a complete set, I find this sort of wanting. The random lip numbing and the frosted finishes on some of these makes this less than awesome all together but I'm not going to deny that these makes an awesome stocking stuffer option. At $3.50 per gloss, you can't go wrong giving a few of these to your makeup loving friends who will appreciate certain shades more than you. I don't mind the fact that you have to build up the gloss for more color. The first swipe gives a good tint and they sit comfortably on the lip. If I could, I would keep the formula and switch up the colors.

But, back to Christmas. SO EXCITED.
Additional Things about Christmas I Never Quite Understood Until I was Older
- Christmas Crackers
- Tinsel
- Apple Cider
- Egg Nog
- Yule Logs (Buche de Noel)
- Caroling

And yet somehow Christmas is still my favorite holiday EVAH!!!!

Hmm...what do you think? "Stocking stuffer" option or keep for yourself option or both?

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