Saturday 1 November 2014

Made in Blog Awards

Hey guys,

Just a heads up that voting for the Made in Blog Awards has started and is on till Nov 26th.  

I understand. I understand. There are so many more deserving blogs out there that constantly BRING IT with side splitting humour, on point social commentary,  the promise of unicorns and images of food.  Everyone loves food and I can always lure you with food if you'd fact, I would Oprah food to all of you if I could, but that would require even more Harry Potter magic than I currently possess. I'm not above bribery but I also don't believe in empty promises. 

Even contemplating that I'm the best beauty blog in Canada emits a good "BWAHAHAHAHAH!" (a surprisingly accurate portrayal of how I laugh) from my lips but I had the most amazing show of support last year with something like 5 votes. HUZZAH! That was four more than I expected since I'm also not above voting for myself just to get the ball rolling. 

Let's try and scale some new heights and see how I get on this year. 
If you'd like, you can vote for me, by clicking the button below. I'm not going to lie that I wouldn't appreciate it.

For the Beauty category: 

Hope your weekends are awesome.



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