Sunday 16 November 2014

On Hello Kitty

Currently, as the world is filled with amazing amounts of trivial pieces of knowledge, there are probably two things you need to know about Hello Kitty. 1) She is not a cat. She is a girl (I am still not convinced). 2) She is not really a girl (but not actually a cat) since she is 40 years old (but apparently ageless, and perpetually in third grade).

Though not as shattering as the discovery that the Sun in fact does not revolve around the Earth and that evolution and climate change are not myths (oh wait...have we still not all agreed on that yet?), Hello Kitty is look pretty damn good for a 40 year old...girl/women/cat hybrid.

Regardless of if you believe Sanrio's statements, celebrations are in full swing at Sephora with an anniversary related Hello Kitty collab so consider this a teaser that some reviews will be coming out soon on the blog. To generate some timely and important debate, I'm going to pitch that all dog lovers (such as myself) can get behind Pochocco rather than Ms Kitty (oooooooooo) but if cat loving youthful cuteness is how your bring your A-game (ok fine...maybe the Hello Kitty sweater...), there are a few items in this set that might peak your fancy. Now...if Sephora did a Sailor Moon collab...I'd be all over that shiz, much like how I lived in my Sailor Moon jeans all through early elementary school.

If you could choose Sephora's next cartoon collaboration, what would it be?

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