Wednesday 12 November 2014

Thoughts While Watching S1. Arrow

Leave it to Netflix to enable binge watching. After successfully making it through an increasingly tiredsome K-drama, I turned my hours towards Arrow. I might have finished the first season in four days.  *three in the morning* "just one..more...episode..." and if you cared at all, here is a small tally of thoughts I had during the show. 

1. OMG IT'S SHOT IN VANCOUVER. I LOVE VANCOUVER. *cries from missing home*

2. I'm pretty sure I'm the only female who gets a little sick of the "Oliver Queen exercising sequences" every episode.  When I'm not rolling my eyes a little, seeing his near naked body work out and do the Salmon Ladder only motivates me to get stronger *goes and googles Stephen Amell's workout routine*.

2. The female leader of the Triad almost convinces me that white platinum hair on Asian women are kick ass and I should go and dye my hair pronto. Not sure I'm bad-ass enough; haven't killed enough any people yet.

3. Laurel's eyelashes are like spiders, or Venus fly traps, or really deep nets I don't want to fall into.

4. What was Oliver Queen's thought process when he went into the theatrics store for grease paint for his 'mask'? How many times did he practice getting it right? lol 

5. No one ever breaks up for real reasons on TV shows.
- broke up? Why?
- Oh, if she found out my best friend was a super hero, she'd fall in love with him.
- Oh, I'm a super hero and I need to live my dangerous broody life alone.

6. The show's makeup artist really likes highlighting the lid just above the eyeliner. They've done it on Laurel, on Thea, and on Moira. Shiny.

Anyways. Do you watch Arrow? I'm off to binge watch the second season.

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