Tuesday 4 November 2014

Colorred Eyebrows?

I've seen images of fun colored eyebrows before. The look is daring, alternative and NSFW. At the Inglot preview, an artist was coloring in a model's brows in true red and I was struck but how awesome it looked! I wanted to try and so I picked a dark teal to, not-so deftly, try my hands at coloring in my brows using a spoolie. Results as above.

The effect was...completely amateur and after a "uh, let's...get you touched up" remark from one of the SA's, I offered up my brows as tribute and had a proper lesson in how to do it right. Results as below.

I tried to take mental notes as the artist was coaching me through what she was doing. The goal is to look like "teal hairs are actually growing". Anyone can color in a block of eyebrows but getting texture, definition, and shadow into your brows (especially when using color) takes more than a little technique and practice.

What you need:

- two colors in the same family, one lighter, one darker.
- gel eyeliner (not mandatory)
- concealer
- thin angled liner/eyebrow brush

You may not need the gel if your hair is lighter and has a good shape. She mentioned that since I had "asian hair" (it's true) the gel helps to keep my naturally straight, downward sloping hairs "waxed" into position and gives more color to cover up the dark hair. She also suggested use NYX's Milk jumbo pencil instead.

First, feather in the gel liner along the lower boundary of your brows. Use short strokes and follow the natural hair growth pattern. For me, this means upward strokes in the inner brow and sideways strokes as my brow extends outwards.

Second, use the lighter shadow and feather in the the rest of your brows to your desired shape.

Third, create shadow by using the darker shade interspersedly through the brow but also more towards the outer edge

Fourth, use concealer and define the edges of your brow with short strokes, again following the natural growth pattern of your hair. Also, make small strokes within the brows themselves to ensure you don't get a block of color (unless that's what you want). Your eyebrows naturally have gaps and skin showing through, the concealer is trying to mimic that.

See that gap at the beginning of the brow to the right? That's actually concealer, there is no actual gap there in real life. Mind blown.

I was too lazy to do a tutorial video sorriess but there are more than a few on youtube which incorporate some of the tips the MUA taught me. This takes time and it's not my usual 2 sec, color in eyebrow session in the morning but these tips are easily transferred to natural color browing-in as well.

So, which color are you going to rock for your brows?


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