Thursday 6 November 2014

Clown Cheek Brush Options

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Argent Makeup Brush no.101 review

A domed dense brush has become my go-to for cream blush application. They dip into the pan easily, pick up color well, and help me achieve an bright but still publicly appropriate clown cheek to whatever degree of public indecisency I want. Nothing quite like frightening the kiddies and yourself with those massive pink rounds...

Argent Makeup Brush no.101

For a long while, I was using my Real Techniques Buffer Brush to reach levels of mass color hysteria on my face but since I've received the Argent Makeup Brush* in No.101 ($20), I've been giving this flat top brush a try and it's amazingly soft. So soft, that I wish it was more readily available so I could Oprah it to everyone I knew.

Argent Makeup Brush no.101

The brush comes with its own protective sleeve, a nice touch for travelling, and packs color on well while diffusing it across the cheeks easily and evenly. It's smaller than my Makeup Geek Foundation Stippling brush and more dense than either the RT or Makeup Geek Brush, perfect for cream products.

Argent Makeup Brush no.101

Argent Makeup Brush no.101

Though it's not a must and the fuss of purchasing it might be too great I'm lucky to have this little thing in my brush collection. Does it really do away with my RT brush? No, not really. The RT is a more affordable, more readily available staple but if you're in the market for something new and don't mind the price (shipping to North America is going to set you back something ridiculous) and the hassle, I'd give Argent a consideration. 

If a brush was good, would you try and procure it regardless of the hassle?

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