Friday 31 October 2014

B.Balenciaga Perfume*

*Press Sample

B.Balenciaga perfume review

The B. Balenciaga* tester bottle is joining my little entourage of mini perfume samples. Have I been just crazy about Alexander Wang lately or what (after my recent bag purchase), because I immediately loved this green perfume. You can read this interview he did with Vogue about his work for Balenciaga while I sit here and dab some more on.

 B.BALENCIAGA* ($120, 50ml & $155, 75ml)  is a green wood fragrance with notes of Green Edamame Accord, Lily of the Valley, Iris Root, and Cashmeran Wood.  The fact that it was a green scent was immediately apparently to me. The tester spritzer gave off a lot of perfume all at once but even though I was smelling a bit over perfumed to myself, my colleagues didn't seem to find it cloying which suggests to me that the sillage is quite close. The scent is classic but its also a bit edgy with the masculin musk and cedar notes and this is mimicked in the bottle design with its sharp edges and flat surfaces. 

B.Balenciaga perfume review

Like I said, this is sitting pretty next to some of my other mini perfumes. The downside of perfume testing is that you are drawn into ones you didn't imaging even being an option before. I certain am not ready to hand over $200 for a Tom Ford perfume but I've already managed to procure the Lancome La Vie est Belle and I'm thinking I need a full sized B. Balenciaga in my life *damn it!*

Do you have a collection on minis? Thoughts on A. Wang?

Daily Zen: In case you lived under a rock, aren't that into fashion, or think A. Wang is too 'out there' (psshhh) here are images from the Alexander WangxH&M line. I watched the runway show "with" Joyce and Gummy and I might just line up for this on the 6th. 

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