Friday 24 October 2014

FOTD #9: Cause sometimes we are thieves (#CBBStealtheLook Challenge)

Alright, so let's give this new Wet N Wild App thing a go shall we? 
Wet n Wild is trying to help people "steal" looks with their new app. I gave it a test run and tried to steal a look I've had pinned to my Pinterest Beauty Inspiration Board which has been waiting to be tested on my face.

The app is pretty straightforward.  You choose or take a photo of the look you want to steal, 

touch the colors of the lip and eye areas as indicated (being able to zoom in is super helpful for that),

review your color outcomes and pick your skintone.

Once you're done, out pops the Wet n Wild products you'll need to create the look.

I'm sorry Wet n Wild...but the model is sort of tragic looking with that lighting...
The App suggested I use the Petal Pusher Palette,  Pinkerbell lipstick and Mega Impact mascara.

But a major part of this look, is the blue liner so I also used their Liquid Liner in Indigo and I didn't quite think Pinkerbell was the right color so I mixed in a little of Don't Blink Pink as well (didn't turn out as I expected...)

So how did I do? Remember, we are trying to achieve:

 Not too bad actually. Aside from the fact that this look is NOT GOOD ON ME (lol, maybe I should have used a heavier coverage foundation...). The eyeshadow colors worked out quite well enough though the lipstick choice wasn't quite as peach as the photo.

Overall, the app is sort of limited. It only allows for very simple looks and doesn't incorporate more than two eyeshadow shades, liner or blush. You also have to be very careful about which area you tap to get the color match. But if your look is simple enough this app is sort of fun to play around with and I did actually get something close to what I was trying to achieve. Not too shabby all things considered.

So, if you'd like to Steal A Look, try out the giveaway.


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