Tuesday 28 October 2014

Doing Good - On Food Poverty

1 in 8 people do not have enough food to live a healthy life.

If you know me, you'll know that food policy is something I'm interested in. I'm not an expert but the ways in which people access food, the food choices they make and the food choices that are available to them are things I find important.

Food is necessary. It keeps us alive but it is also something that we waste in tons and not something that is equally accessible around the world.

Food poverty doesn't occur in just developing worlds, it's in our towns, in our cities, and in our own country.

I don't often endorse consumer branded charity initiatives. I'd rather you give directly to charity and directly to your food kitchen but if you need the extra incentive, Clarins has partnered with FEED, a social enterprise (social enterprises, another thing I find interesting) which helps fight child hunger and works through the United Nations World Food Program.

 Staring in November (next week), every $75+ purchase at a Hudson's Bay Clarins counter will get you a FEED shopping bag with two samples.

More importantly, it will provide 10 children with a school meal.

Otherwise, if food, poverty, hunger and other related issues are important to you, I encourage you to donate to FEED directly, your local food bank, or your charity of choice during the coming months.

What issues/charities are important to you?

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