Saturday 4 October 2014

Sephora Nail Tools*

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sephora nail and manicure tools review

I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. After showcasing my nail inabilities, L'Oreal called my bluff and now Sephora is throwing their two cents in with their range of nail related tools. Well FINE guys...clearly I'm such a noob that everyone wants try and save me from myself.

sephora nail and manicure tools review

I have never given myself a manicure and barely payed attention to the 3 manicures I've had so far in my life. Some of these tools are as frightening in appearance as those on a dental surgeon's tray. What the heck is a cuticle nipper! And why is there a pointed diggy thing?

sephora nail and manicure tools review Make the Cut toe and nail clippers

Of the lot, the only familiar items were the Make The Cut Toe* ($10CDN) and Nail* ($11CND) clippers. Professional quality and made of stainless steel, these have an A++ salon grade (I didn't even know nail tools have grades....). Since I haven't broken any nail growth world records, I do know my way around a pair of clippers and both function as they are intended. I've never paid this much for a pair of clippers but there you are.

Notice the straight heads (usually my $1 nail clippers have curved heads) which are designed to prevent nail breakage. Actually, I realized that a straight head makes it easier to cut your preferred nail shape since you aren't forced into a rounded nail.

sephora push back cuticle pushes cut to the point cuticle nipper review

I decided to get a pedicure and paid super close attention to what the pedicurist was doing when she used these tools because I had no idea what you need them for or how to use them. The rounded end of the Push Back: Cuticle Pusher* ($17.50CDN) does the heavy work while the pick thing at the other end gets under your nails and cleans up cuticle edges on the sides. The Cut to the Point: Cuticle Nipper* ($30CDN) helps cut down cuticles. Again both are A++ professional quality and made of stainless steel.

As a family, they do look like an impressive set of tools. Now that I'm sufficiently armed to really tame and bedazzle my nails, I might get past the fear of using cuticle nippers and pushers. Pushing back my cuticles freaks me out. I imagine how it opens up space between your nails and cuticles for bacteria and whatever...but those thoughts might be due to my ignorance surrounding nail care. Pusher and nipper experts please chime in!

Are you skilled at the at-home manicure? Have you nipped or pushed your cuticles?

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