Friday 3 October 2014

Lush Hair* - Blousey and H'Suan Wen Hua

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Lush H'suan wen hua hair treatment Blousey shampoo review

After Herb gave my hair a rather dry send off, Blousey* shampoo and H'suan Wen Hua* treatment from LUSH seemed like good ways to nurture my locks back to health.  I've tried LUSH's solid shampoos (mostly out of curiosity), but I had yet to dip my hands into their potted versions. Since I'm all for hair promiscuity, I'm more than willing to experiment with shampoos in any format or size.

Lush blousey hair shampoo review

Blousey* ($25.95CDN, 240g/7.9oz) promised to solve over-processed hair, to moisturize and to soften with bananas, cocoa and cupuacu butters. Though packed with bananas, a thyme and rosemary perfume gives this a spicy herbal/floral scent.

There was definitely a learning curve with this product. Slapping product onto damp hair never results in a lather. The trick is adding little handfuls of water into the shampoo after its been deposited onto damp hair. If shampoos could be humanized, Blousey would be a needy loverApplied onto damp hair, the product isn't very movable and if you were excessive, expect overly squeaky clean hair later. The mix of water and shampoo determines how it spreads and it took me a few showers and a bit of attention to get it right. Blousey, you are so tempermental. Less seems to be more, but in this case, less is also hard to work with. 

Even after a few cajoling attempts with Blousey, it wasn't as gentle as I hoped. Often I would get the mix wrong and my hair would cry for conditioner. I'm not sure I would recommend this carte blanche. Those who have been in needy relationships will know that no matter how cute and enticing the partner, sometimes it's nice not to have to try so hard.

Lush H'suan wen hua hair treatment review

H'suan Wen Hua* ($29.95CDN, 225g/7.9oz) is an "intense" treatment which improves the strength, shine and condition of your hair and scalp (and "MEGA MOISTURIZES" your hair...I feel LUSH says that with a mega-phone). It contains eggs, herbs and rich oils to create a 20 min pre-shampoo treatment to be used thickly over dry hair once a week. 

I used about three hand full of product to get it spread through my short hair. It wasn't sticky or gross to have on while I walked around the house for 20mins pre-shower and it rinses off easily. This toned down the squeaky clean of Blousey even though I used it before shampooing. My hair did feel softer after I washed and dried and even while I was in the shower.

As my first hair treatment, I feel like this succeeds in giving some moisture into my hair and would recommend giving this a go if you were curious. For it's natural ingredients, this product might be more tempting than all the silicon synthetic conditioners on the drugstore shelves.

What have your LUSH hair experiences been?

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