Wednesday 8 October 2014

PSA: Readers Emails

Email is a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with friends and for meeting new people. For example,  I just met Bianca! She seems lovely but somehow her email ended up in my Spam folder. Don't know why....


I think I just saw Michelle walking down an alley in good ol' LA.
Have you heard from her since last summer? Please click this link for her photo!

Bianca Fanucci

She seemed really concerned so I decided to reply:

Hey Bianca,

Can't say we've ever met but how have you been doing since you emailed me a few moments ago? Good? Good.

More importantly, I haven't heard from Michelle since last summer. I'm not sure I even remember meeting her. Was she that random stranger eating ice cream by the park? I don't go up to random strangers much but I feel that from just her name,  I would have remembered her and her love for chocolate iced desserts in waffled cones. Or maybe she was that other random girl you threw up over at the crazy dance party that I feel like you would attend. I don't go to dance parties much but I would have been able to remember that occurrence for both of us since I imagine you were drunk out of your mind. Funny how we didn't realize we were at the same crazy party that I never attended! The world is a crazy and small place I tell ya!

What was she doing walking down an alley in "good ol LA"? I take it you know LA well. I haven't been but it sounds like you could recommended a few good alleys to walk down. It's also clear to me that you know some great defence skill in order to tackle the rough alleys of LA unscathed. Great for you! Girl Power! 

Anyways, hope your day goes well. I'm so glad you emailed. By the way, I haven't seen Jack lately. Do you know how he's doing? And I seem to be missing my favorite bracelet. Did you borrow it by any chance?


What kind of 'interesting' emails have you gotten through your blog? Or in your personal emails?


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