Friday 10 October 2014

Kanebo Kate Real Create Eyes BR-1

Kanebo Kate real create eyes br1 br-1 review swatch

I've been wanting to try Kate eyeshadows for a long time. There's something more bad-ass about this Kanebo line that instantly drew me in. When I went on vacation last year, I made sure to pick up a palette from the Duty Free.

Kanebo Kate real create eyes br1 br-1 review swatch

With a helpful application diagram that is unhelpfully printed on the outer packaging, this product is like most Asian eyeshadow palettes, glittery! BR 1 is a cool leaning palette of neutrals which includes a base color (A).

Kanebo Kate real create eyes br1 br-1 review swatch

The glow color is a cream shade which adds extra shimmer to the final look. Already the shades are quite glittery (though they don't come off that way in the photo, there are visible glitter flecks in each one). The glow cream doesn't dry down well and is a pain to work with. Applying shadows over top causes shifting and some slight creasing happens as well. Patting down the shadow makes it easier but then you can't really blend. I would suggest using just a regular primer with these but for some reason using MAC's Soft Ochre really muted down all the colors. Using NARS shadow primer produced a slightly better result. Often, there will be some fallout from B no matter what base I used.

Kanebo Kate real create eyes br1 br-1 review swatch

Though I was initially excited to try this out, I realize the the ubber glittery look this creates isn't up my alley. I bought this blind since I ordered online without really researching swatches. The look is still quite pretty and very 'Asian' (if you don't mind me saying so) but the palette is quite finicky.  The glow and B shade bring down the quality.  I'm not really in love but I really wanted to be. Maybe there will be an shimmer asian palette out there for me but this...isn't really it.

Any suggestions for a good shimmer Asian shadow palette? Have you tried any of the Kanebo Kate products?

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