Tuesday 25 November 2014

In the Moment #17: IMATS Toronto 2014 and Haul

Alright, Its annual IMATS time. See my "Game Plan" post here for tips and general hilarity.

This last weekend was IMATS. Click on the above link for explanations etc. This year, I though I would take it easy. There wasn't much I wanted and I thought I would cruise in around 10am with my press pass and just skip the whole MUFE, MAC madness. I was wrong.

For whatever reason, I couldn't sleep the previous night and woke up at 5:30am with no intention to try and stay in bed. I took my time getting ready, did a few blog chores, and redid my blue lipstick look twice to get it right and ended up at IMATS at around 8:00am (doors opened at 8:30).

For whatever reason, the security guard let me in before show opening on Saturday but didn't do the same for me on Sunday. Regardless, I was, literally, the very first person at the MUFE booth and even had some time to chat with the staff.

The calm before the storm. No one at the booth! A rarity, and only seen before the show beings.
Was contemplating the liquid latex for practicing scars. $8 for a bottle. Not bad at all.
Jen! Kryolan is an amazing theatrics/makeup brand which I wish I could explore more of. Love that they come to IMATS.
Body art using MUFE Wet Makeup
The hair stylist said "Let's try and make this less Olivia Newton John, OK?"

Friends!!! Zubie and Steph

The outfit and the blue lipstick which used four different products...but looks like one in the photo HAHA
My IRL friend doing the tough job of picking which Hakuhodo brush to get.
You're probably going to see a lot of random 'shots of the show' type posts. I've been getting into theatric and artistry makeup lately, constantly looking at posts etc, so I took the chance to get face and artistry type tools while I was there. Being able to check in with other blogger friends was awesome too! I hung out with Jen, Zubie, Steph, and Steph and ran into Jenn, Chelle, Shawna, Julie, and Laura (phew!).

I was so POOPED when I got home around 2:30pm after lunch. Not only did I wake up super early, the show was unexpectedly draining. I went to bed at 7:30pm and woking at 6am on Sunday (which was when I realized Yaby doesn't show in Vancouver and that I should probably go back and get some shadows from them). I met up with Jill and we did a quick run through before leaving at around 11:30am.

The Haul!
The Haul:
I didn't include the sponges that I bought for wet makeup/facepaint but there's the Wolfe FX face palette in the middle centre, along with another paint brush. Yes, the MUFE Flash Palette and an empty MUFE pan with three shadows (which I LOVE), their fixing spray and some more Aquamatics (they were 4 for $40).  Underneath that is a metal palette and a spatula. Finally, a beauty blender which I split the 2 for $28 deal with Steph.

Those tiny eyeshadows are Yaby and they pack a punch! The pearl formula is amazing! 2 for $5.

That huge pile of eyeshadow brushes is my attempt to finally find the one. I'm on a constant hunt for the perfect eyeshadow brush.

ANYWAYS. There were a few things that I was pondering over, empty mixing palettes, some more face paints, product anti-bacteria sprays...but you know...the budget.

Any questions? Did you get anything?

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