Sunday 23 November 2014


I am my own spa specialist, at home mask apothecarist and do-it-yourself skin fixer-upper. Since I can't spend my non-existent $$$s on pros to skin map my face every week, I will try and solve my skin issues solo by mapping out my facial in a process of multiple maskings. I bespoke skincare, people. I am the McGyver of at home facials.

The problem is my skin confusion, where I want both a good cleansing but also a good pump of moisturization. Or a good scrub and peel but some restoration and protection as well. I want to strip and clean but I don't want to feel stripped or scrubbed raw. 

To solve this typical friday night indecisiveness that can only be likened to the paralyzing uncertainty of what to watch on Netflix, I now have two masking paths I can play on repeat. 

1) The "Omigod, where are these bumps coming from?"
for when I suddenly have break outs

Mask 1: A clay mask
which tends to always strip away too much oil and making me feel like I just turned my skin into a pumice stone
Mask 2: A moisturizing mask
which injects some moisture without any of the oil

2) The "Sinky brightening treatment"
usually  if I'm not doing a basic one mask evening, I'll go for this

Mask 1: Typically a scrub or some sort of peel
which exfoliates and gives me that good scrubbed feeling
Mask 2: a basically 'revitalizing' or 'brightening' mask
I'm hoping that the scrubbed skin will allow the brightening serum to penetrate more

Yea it takes time, but since I'm a recluse and friday nights are usually reserved for the gym, Netflix and Bloglovin' I hae more than handful of hours to double mask if I want to. AND since the mask collection is not the smallest, I'm getting through my products at double the rate.

Do you double up on masks?

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