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Why helllooo!!!!!

I'm a near-30 something living in Vancouver, BC and I've taken the plunge into the beauty community, feet first and arms flailing. I realized I was spending way too much time on Youtube watching beauty bloggers, and way too much time on the interwebs reading fashion blogs. So instead of removing all these distractions and focusing on more pressing issues, like saving babies of 'x' country from 'y' disease, like solving income inequality, like...thinking about what to cook for dinner, I decided to embrace the crazy and start a blog.

Fashion and beauty can be vapidly materialistic, and there may be better ways for me to spend my time and money but I`m always ready to try the latest in skincare, more than ready to experiment with color and I offer a trusted and grounded voice to the beauty blogosphere. 

A Beautiful Zen has provided useful and hilarious commentary on beauty and lifestyle since 2013 and aims to be your voice of reason in the beauty world. 

Email: abeautifulzen@gmail.com
Twitter: @abeautifulzen
Instragram: @abeautifulzen

I'd love to hear from you!