Friday 14 November 2014

Dermalogica Powerbright Treatment Kit Review*

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Dermalogica Powerbright Treatment Kit Review

My never ending skin crusade is to rid myself of the dark spots, acne scars and weird pigmentation blobs that are on my face. If it hasn't been apparent, I'm always interesting in new skin brightening products. The Dermalogical PowerBright TRx Treatment Kit ($50 CDN, each bottle is 10ml) which features a serum, day cream with SPF and a night cream for evening skintone, and offsetting hyperpigmentation.

Dermalogica Powerbright Treatment Kit Review

C-12 Pure Bright Serum ($120 CDN, 50ml) combines peptides, botanical extracts, Phytic Acid, Zinc Glycinate, and Algae to control hyperpigmentation on a cellular level. The peptides used help fight melanin formation. The serum was light and spread easily on my face. It did not break me out with day and night use all over my face.

Pure Light SPF 50 ($106 CDN, 50ml) is a daytime moisturizer which regulates melanin production and helps balance uneven skin tone with Red Algae, peptides and botanical extracts. Hyaluronic Acid restores moisture. I expected this to be thick, and to sit on top of face, but it sunk into my skin well and I never felt like I had applied sunscreen. It can pill slightly under different foundations but I'm a huge fan of how this fluid applied and how it sunk in my skin especially with such a high SPF!

Pure Night ($100 CDN, 50ml) was a little thicker than Pure Light but it still applied well. It's supposed to be richly moisturizing and to reduces fine dehydration lines.

Dermalogica Powerbright Treatment Kit Review

Dermalogica Powerbright Treatment Kit Review

 In general
I really like how all of these applied and I'm very pleased with the feel of Pure Light and the amount of SPF it has. Overall, I didn't find these products extremely hydrating  but my face did not feel parched and with continuous use my skin become very smooth and soft. There was a little tightness though, or at least the tiniest taunt feeling where I wanted some more moisture but overall this was not drying and my skin did not become dry.

The 10ml of serum with day and night use lasted ~40days. The day and night moisturizer lasted almost two months each. $50 for a trial set gives a good length of use to help you decide whether to continue or not. It's not too bad but if you do continue, the full sizes are so pricey.

Some of my acne scars did lighten a little but I'm not entirely sure. Be warned, moles were not lightened and I don't think anything will get rid of those aside from laser treatments.  In addition, I'm not sure one month of use will give much results but I'm sufficiently please and curious to want to continue on with this if the prices weren't so high and I didn't have a backlog of other skin care to use.

I would suggest using the entire trio if you have the financial means, while maybe adding on the Dermalogica Skin Hydration Booster for extra moisture if you need it. If I had to pick, the serum and the day cream are my favorite from this set. I wish I could have tested more product to show any real difference, that's the main reason why I can't recommend this outright but I think $50 for a trial set is worth a consideration.

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