Saturday 22 November 2014

My "I Have Too Many Things" Post

Find any beauty blogger and I will find you her/his "I have too many things" post (its almost as mandatory as the "why I blog" post). This, formally, will be mine.

Once you start on this dark and dangerous beauty blogging path, its a steep drop down that rabbit hole and no amount of eating labelled cake and chasing after animals will get you back out. There are things, purchased months ago, that I have not even opened. I am not surprised by this, and as a veteran blog reader, you shouldn't be either. That my friend, is the most pitiful state of affairs. If we weren't already aware that society is crumbling, let this desensitization of excess be another indicator. 

The Sleek Arabian nights palette? Gifted and coveted, not even swatched.
The Chanel Tissee Vendome palette purchased in May? Nary a swipe.
All those other things in the photo? least I finally cracked open the Estee Lauder primer (and its awesommmeeessss).

For a long while, I was having real panic about all of this (#FirstWorldProblem, riiigght here). The huge debate about the whether overindulgent possession is 'bad' and whether my covetous behaviour ought to be 'shameful'. Excess can be ugly but I've come to grips with the situation and have tried to purge as best as I can. I don't even imagine that I will finish all my products. It's time to be realistic and I'm slowly getting to my own zen and owning my ownership of all these things. 

The point of course, is not to encourage or allow for this behaviour. This is not the most pleasant problem to have, (in the grand scheme of the universe, its also not the worst) but its only a problem if I envision it as such. However, the realization that I will only be in Toronto for another 6 months (assuming current life trajectory) means I will attempt to do some more purging since shipping things across the country isn't that fun. Anyways, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. 

I'm hoping to tackle some of these items while on vacay in Vancouver during Xmas (#FamousLastWords). So...look out for more really boring one item review posts,I guess (sorries....I try and make them interesting. Sometimes I fail).

Is it shameful if I do a haul post of the VIB sale and from IMATS? NO! BECAUSE I SAY ITS NOT! (see...that's zen in action...or something...) Anyways...happy IMATS day today.

You feelin' me?

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