Thursday 15 January 2015

3 Guys and a Nivea Bold Milk*

*Press Sample

I think we can safely say that David, and most men,  have very simple skincare needs. I have yet to find many guys who will prod and examine their skin to the same degree that girls will or a beauty/skincare topic that guys will universally band together about.

Apparently 30-40% of Nivea In-Shower Body Milk* ($7, 400ml) users are male. That was a bit of interesting information. From there, my investigative mind wanted to see if this handy squeeze bottled moisturizer could convert a few of the guys in my life. For science, I enlisted David, and my two cousins as lab rats.

The body milk is used, in the shower, after you've washed your body. Slather it on, rinse it off, and you're good to go. Made for very dry skin, almond oil is supposed to moisturize for 24hrs and it isn't supposed to be sticky.

I was slightly apprehensive about this project. Guys are notorious for not caring about their skin so I didn't know what kind of "results" I would get. I didn't even know if they would give me more than grunts and single sentences, but they pitched in and pitched in well. THANKS GUYS!

Case Study #1
Oh, Jon. So GQ LOL. I had high hopes with Jon since he tends to be more clued in than most men I know. After about a week and a half of use, this is what he said, 

"So far with my body it's OK. I didn't notice much difference in areas where I don't have dry skin and don't really recommend it for daily use if you don't have dry skin. It's an extra step. Guys don't like extra steps.

I do have a few patches on my leg that are really dry and psoriasis-like, so I put it on that to help moisturize it. I feel like there has been a little bit of improvement from using it. So I'm going to continue using it in 'problem' areas."

Case Study #2
For someone who "doesn't really care about skin care", Norb didn't feel like he needed this but he said,

"It does make your skin smoother and less dry after showering. Smells good and it's not sticky after rinsing. But it's an extra thing to apply when I'm showering. It would be great if they can combine it into a body wash (2 in 1 product)! 

Lydia (his wife) does think my skin is less dry. However, I usually shower at night and go to sleep right away. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is dry again. 

This product would be more useful for morning showerers. They would be able to experience "less dry" skin throughout the day. However, for a person who doesn't really mind "dry skin", I wouldn't go out and buy this product. But I can definitely see people who cares about their skin would love this product."

Case Study #3
David literally said to me "What, what is this?" when I handed it to him to try...

After showering:
David: "Hey this smells nice."
Jenn: "Oh?....Where did you use it?"
David: "On my face. Isn't this more face wash?"
Jenn: "Did you read the directions?"
David: "There are directions?"

I sent him back into the shower the next day with a proper briefing on how to use it.
David: "This seemed a little unnecessary. I don't even know if my skin is dry"
Jenn: "....What do you mean "you don't know if your skin is dry"...can't you look and tell?"
David: "Jenn! Guys don't look at their skin!"
Jenn: "..."

So....previous life assumptions about guys supported. Really I should have also given this to my friend Henry who said, when I mentioned my "experiment", that this would have been perfect for him and his job as a life guard. He actually moisturizes.

I agree with Norb that a moisturizing body wash might just work better with guys but then the average lazy male probably isn't the market for this product (nor is this product directly marketed for guys). David said something similar when he used it. 

When I used this, I noticed that it did smooth my skin but the effect wasn't completely for 24hours. There is a nice convenience factor here but you might end up wasting more water since it's another thing to rinse off. Still, I enjoyed using it, when I remembered to, and it does make moisturization a little easier. Because it's so inexpensive I see myself repurchasing this even if I'm the only one using it up.

Will your guy reach for this?

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