Thursday 8 January 2015

The Man Has Spoken: Ft. Clarins Men Cleanser and Antiperspirant Stick*

*Press Sample

Getting David to take care of his skin is an uphill battle. Quite satisfied to scrub his face with bar soap if he remembers, "special stuff" isn't quite up his alley but I try and force it upon him anyways. I'm constantly trying to figure out what kinds of items he will actually use and thought the Clarins 2-in-1 Cleanser* and the Antipersirant Stick* had a fighting chance. If he's not going to take care of his skin at least I can do it for him.  My tactics are now on par with an adult trying to 'hide' vegetables in their child's food. Here is a recap of our conversations surrounding these products. Prepare to roll your eyes at least twice.

Clarins Men Antiperspirant Stick* ($20, 75g) is a long lasting deodorant stick which goes on dry and fresh with a smooth easy glide texture. Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit extracts help neutralize odours and the formula will help reduce perspiration.

Jenn: So, have you been using the deodorant?
David: Yes...because you hid my other deodorant (This is true...I did.)
Jenn: Ok...but what do you think about it?
David: I don't know. It works. I like it. The twist cap isn't the best though. Don't like the twist cap.

At the end of my trip:
Jenn: So...since you're indifferent, can I take it back to Toronto with me?
David: NO. I'm keeping it.

The. Man. Has. Spoken. 

Is it awful to admit that David and I have both been using after the other, is that gross? The scent is fruity and soft, not feminine but not alpine masculine fresh either. After a long hard workout with my trainer (which left David sore for a week...poor guy) our pits weren't emitting foul odours. I actually quite like this deodorant for myself :P! The scent isn't overpowering; it's very fresh and I almost want to keep smelling David because of it.

Clarins Men 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser* ($32, 125ml) is a creamy exfoliating face wash which purifies the skin with Soapwort Extract and Zinc Gluconate, removes dead skin cells and deep cleanses pores with natural lava powder and salicylic acid beads. It prevent redness or irritation caused by shaving and uses bison grass extract to boost skin tone.

Jenn: Remember to try the face wash dear.
David: The blue one? I like it. I like the scrubbies. It's like that other one (The Jack Black one I bought him a while ago).
Jenn: Yes but this one has fewer scrubbies.
David: Oh...yea. You're right. But this one has just enough.
Jenn: What do you think of the smell?
David: ...I don't know...I don't even notice the smell.

At the end of my trip:
Jenn: So is this basically going to sit here unused?
David: What? I've been using it everyday?! Haven't you noticed?
Jenn: No? I haven't paid attention.
David: I have! I like the scrubbies. The scrubbies are good.

The. Man. Has. Spoken. 

I tried this myself too. It's a foaming face wash that has less dense but still effective scrubby bits. David's skin seems tougher than mine, so daily use is totally OK for him. It helps clear out his pores a little and apparently he has been using it everyday. Those pores man...I keep staring at them and wishing I could do a major extraction...

Welp, of the two, I'd say these both were successes. I'm glad he's actually using the face wash. I wish I could include a photo of his pores here...but that would be almost indecent and potentially retina-scarring so I won't. If you saw them, you might understand why I keep forcing exfoliators on him. If he kept using the cleanser, I'm pretty sure his skin would be its way to being a bit clearer.

Do you force skincare upon the guys in your life?

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