Saturday 25 January 2014

PSA: Fancy Soaps

*Press sample shown
These little scented soapy squares get me every time. 

Walking into a store, my olfactory bulb is pleasantly assaulted by vanilla, no, olive oil, and now oranges. Maybe even berries, chocolate or lavender. All inviting me into an illusion of luxury and comfortable relaxation.

Soap is suppose to clean, to remove the day's dirt off your grubby body. However, my friends, we have been enchanted! No longer are we to believe that soap is just for the necessary act of habitual cleaning. Open your eyes! Close your noses! Specialty soap makers everywhere have duped us into buying their wares, capitalizing on our work ladened minds and gym tired bodies to sell us creamy creamy suds of imagined peace and rest. Telling us, we deserve more than just Dove, or Ivory.

I'm on to you, you clever saponifiers.  No longer will I be woo-ed by the rich lathers that you possess, or the warm scents that waft from the soap bars. I oppose you, you luxury soaps, with your non-mass market price prices and promises of perfectly finished cared-for skin! I will not be swayed!

but to be enveloped by such foamy, moisturizing froth, (that evil cozy clutch of soap)
to know the wonderful slips and slide of a nicely shaped bar.
to experience the choice in ingredients, the choice in scents and the choice in color of soap.
(Organic you say? Bourbon Vanilla is this?)
You are clever, saponifier. Once more I can not resist your tempting bubbly grasp,
but, I swear, I'm on to you.

Do you like specialty soap? Which ones is your favorite?


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