Wednesday 20 July 2016

IMATS Vancouver Purchases

For those interested, here are the items I bought at IMATS Vancouver last Saturday.

I've turned into the "boring" IMATS shopper. Whereas previous years saw purchases of color items, I stuck mostly to essentials this year. Not even the palettes at the Morphe booth (which got crazy really fast) drew me in, though I did spend about 20 mins swatching things in front of the reps. Getting to the Morphe booth was pretty easy when you're the 2nd person in line to enter the show. I'm also that person, who goes early to everything.

At Morphe, 5 eyeshadow brushes were purchases; booth success. I was lemming those 35x palettes but purchasing 35 shadows was excessive especially since I've failed at purging shadows. The $25/palette cost was pretty appetizing though.

Of course, I can't always be victorious and I succumbed to three shadows at the Jordane Cosmetics booth. The matte yellow was the start of the problem and three is my version of "restraint". They were $8 each so I could have bought a Morphe palette. I'm strangely happier getting "less" than I could for my money though.

Aside from these, there were three eye brushes from Hakuhodo and the brush soap that Gummy really likes (London Brush Company's Vegan Brush Soap). 

Overall the Vancouver IMAT smaller than Toronto's by a measurable degree and Toronto's isn't huge to begin with when comparing to the US events. I entered at 9am and was done by 10am. I don't normally stay for talks and had various things to do that day so I wanted a quick trip. Having the press pass was a help though because, considering my needs, I'm not sure the $35 (or whatever) ticket price would have been worth it. 

What did you get?


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