Wednesday 13 July 2016

2nd Quarter Declutter: Fail

I intended to strongly focus on decluttering eye products this quarter and I was doing well!

Until the London Drugs event...

So that didn't quite work out, but I did make some head way...sort of

This last quarter I
Acquired: 181 products
Purged: 163 products
...which meant I kept 18 items.

Of eye products, I...don't even want to state my results because I really did fail in decreasing the number of overall items.

There were minor victories though, I decreased my stash in the following sub categories:
- Eyeshadow singles (net reduction of 5)
- Foundation (net reduction of 2)
- Highlighter (net reduction of 1)
- Lipsticks (net reduction of 2, gave away 26, got...24)
- Perfumes (net reduction of 7!)
- Brushes (net reduction of 7)

But then...I stayed the same or slightly increased in many many other categories. Even though numerically I didn't make much progress, I did manage to give away three XL large size grocery bags of cosmetics and skincare to charity so I'm feeling OK about it. I really could be doing better though.

At least there's 3rd quarter!


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