Monday 4 July 2016

Marc Jacob Splash Eau de Toilette* (Pear, Rain, Cotton and Cucumber)

Eau de Toilettes, I wish they would last longer. But when I remember I have to go to the gym at the end of the day, I realize there is a place for lighter interpretations of Eau de Parfums. The four latest re-releases from Marc Jacobs are gender neutral splashes of scents that are perfect for just that purpose. And not to mention, great for summer. The Splash* ($65CDN, 100ml) line gives quick burst of fresh light scent that are perfect for the season and my current routine.

Pear: Aromatic Fruity - Top notes: pear, lemon, bergamot Heart: juniper, gin, freesia Base: teak, amber, musk

This one is the most interesting since I don't know of many scents with Pear. I love how it opens but I really wish it lasted a bit longer. This is a three spritzer for sure.

Rain: Floral Aquatic - Top notes: wet cut grass, wild strawberry, clementine, cypress Heart: tropical rain, passion flower, sunflower, white orchid Base: amber, moss, teak, musk

I quite like this one as well. This can end with light powderiness but even those in fear of powdery scents won't be detered. I've been reaching for this one a lot since it's dry down is so nice. 

Cotton: Floral Woody Musk - Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, orange, peach, aquatic accord Heart: lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, cotton flower Base: white suede, blonde woods, musk, sandalwood

This starts of slightly powdery but quickly dissipates into a clean cotton smell, perfectly reminiscent of fresh warmed laundry.

Cucumber: Floral Green - Top notes: cucumber, lotus leaf, bamboo, cactus flower Heart: lily of the valley, linden blossom, freesia, blue tiger lily Base: frosted musk, blonde woods.

This green scent has a surprising level of translucency. The same clear taste of cucumbers is translated into a non-obtrusive scent with a slight deep finish.  It's very unique on the skin and a good way to test a green scent if you haven't tried one yet since its green nature doesn't hang around much after a few hours.

Of the four, I prefer Rain and Pear the best. Cucumber's aquatic and green mixture is very interesting and I like it but sometimes it can lean slightly too raw for me. It mellows out well though.

None of these last the whole day and two or more sprays are necessary. I prefer one spritz of EdPs but  these EdTs need at least two for longevity. Sillage on all of these are quite soft so these are perfect for wearing all day with a gym visit thrown in. I love the color liquid of the bottles as well!


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