Monday 11 July 2016

Question: Do you use the same amount of conditioner as shampoo?

A bottle of conditioner and a bottle of shampoo tend to be around the same volume. They also tend to be about the same price. But I never, never use them at the same rate! Does anyone?

I use about half as much conditioner per wash as shampoo. Am I doing this right? Maybe I'm using too little of one or too much of the other and yet my hair feels adequately washed with this ratio of hair cleaning. This makes me wonder why bottles of the two are priced and sized the same. 

I am always awkwardly left with half bottles of conditioner which I use up with mis-matching shampoos. I don't care too much about this but it just seems like a weird consistent issue to have. It would be great if conditioner came at half size and half price! Of course that means I'd have to consistently buy more bottles maybe that's not the ultimate solution.

Anyways, just seeing if anyone out there has wondered about the same thing.


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