Monday 18 July 2016

Editing the Estee Edits*

Celebrity collaborations or inspired collections aren't always interesting to me. Brands catapult their name by aligning themselves with super stars and sometimes the chosen person doesn't always add value.  They may be a fashion icon but that doesn't neccessarily translate into beauty clout. I saw the Estee Edits line as something like this. Estee Lauder has done a great rebranding job but this inspired and "in the moment" launch seemed a little unnecessary as a separate line.

Because of this, I didn't jump right in when I received the press items. Slightly out of guilt, I tried the Hi Lo Stylo Contour and Highlight ($34CDN) and I have to admit that this pencil is so damn easy to use. The contour shade could lean more cool but it still works. A couple of lines on my face, a few swipes to blend with my fingers and I'm wondering what I'm doing with powder and brushes. I have the shade Light/Medium

The Pore Vanishing Stick ($34CDN, 24oz) has also been a great success. Usable under makeup, I've instead been using this as a portable mid-day mattifier. This has worked so well for long days when a bit of shine needs cleaning up. Best use has been after an early morning weekend workout when I have to stay out for the rest of the day. I don't want to lug makeup with me to the gym and this stick is super portable. It smoothes things out, mattifies and makes me feel totally fine without powder or foundation. 

Hi Lo Stylo and In the Buff Swatches

I can take or leave the In the Buff lipstick. If you like the color go for it. The whole line of lipcolors  (The Barest Lip Color, $26CDN) in Edits are nude so if you feel like you need more nude in your life, this is as good as anything else. Though it is supposed to have hydrating properties.

I pass on a cream highlighter that I received since...I don't much highlighter do I need. Overall though the winners are the Hi Lo Stylo and Pore Vanishing Stick. These products are just so amazingly functional for on the go and ease of use. I think the formats are brilliant and you should consider adding them to your gamut of products. 

Even with all the love, I'm sticking with my initial feelings about these items sitting in a separate Lauder line. A bit unnecessary, probably great for marketing, but I would, as always, judge each product based on its own merits.


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