Wednesday 6 July 2016

Life Lately: Class Pass Discoveries and the Blog

These last months, I've been focusing on developing my fitness.

I've been using ClassPass to try new exercise activities and to get some routine back into my exercise schedule. I was doing Kayla Itsine's BBG but wanted something lengthier, more intense and more social. ClassPass has been a good way to bridge the gap from here until the new Equinox opens in Vancouver. I AM SO PUMPED for its opening and have already signed up for membership. Bring on the battle ropes and crazy running classes.

Through ClassPass, I've found amazing boutique fitness spaces in Vancouver. I've tried:
- Krav Maga (which left the lengths of my forearms bruised for two weeks and I didn't go back)
- Barredio (barre and cardio)
- various Spin classes at Cadence and Spin Society
etc etc

I also took a "Dance like BeyoncĂ©" class from RSVP 33 and after hearing my colleague rave about it, I'm learning how to row with the Vancouver Rowing Club (conveniently located 15 mins from me in Stanley Park).

credit: Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary

Through all this, three major discoveries were Eastwood Cycle Santuary, Urban Fitness and Lagree West.

Eastwood Cycle Santuary: If you want spin instructors that keep you pumped, motivated and cycling hard together in a music pounding, dark lantern lit space, then go to Eastwood. Don't let the yoga studio vibe fool you, this place can be intense.

Urban Fitness: has been great for HIIT classes of various sorts. TRX, Kickboxing, and Bootcamp are classes they have on the daily. The instructors are tough and keep me moving through fast strength exercises. This is a happy place for my muscles and powering through 50 mins of sweatiness. I'm always happily sore and thankful that I went.

Lagree West: Moving so slowly has never been so difficult. My muscles wobble every single moment I'm using the megaformer and the tension springs make the Lagree method of Pilates a major strength building exercise.

Credit: Lagree West
Because of these activities, I've been letting the blog slide a little. ABZ has been a major priority for the last couple of years, but my passion for it has been shifting. I haven't been commenting on blogs as often. This has dipped my 'numbers' but I'm caring less than I normally would have about this and I also haven't been saying yes to every opportunity that comes to my mail box. One regret though is not supporting the blogs/bbloggers I love in the same way as before. My gym schedule and the time I want to spend with David (when he isn't working until 11pm or on the weekends) makes it difficult to spend hours reading and commenting through blogs.

So anyways, that's how life has been going for me. I have a great time trying out different activities and this may or may not change how ABZ looks and feels in the future but I'm pretty happy with these new shifts.

What's been going on for you, lately?


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