Saturday 16 July 2016

Preview: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips* #LIPSTICKCONFIDENCE (ft Miranda May and Salma's Secret)

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Miranda May and Salma's Secret

I'm loving the shape of the new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips* lipsticks. She cuts her lipstick bullets in such interesting ways and that flat angled top is really working out for me. More than that, the newest launch from the brand is helping raise awareness for the Women for Women Charity!

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Miranda May and Salma's Secret Swatch

Tilbury believes in lipstick's ability to make women feel powerful and confident. This launch, celebrates 12 of the "world's most mesmerising women" who inspired Tilbury in some way. The two that I have are Salma's Secret and Miranda May, both in matte finishes. The 12 shades are either the Matte Revolution or the KISSING formula. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Miranda May and Salma's Secret

Miranda May*, inspired from model Miranda Kerr: “A fresh, pinky coral inspired by the sunsets of Malibu and Bondi Beach. This shade perfectly matches Miranda’s effortless fresh- faced beauty. The colour contrast makes her blue eyes light up and sparkle!”

Salma’s Secret*, inspired from actress Salma Hayek: “Salma’s smouldering and sexy colouring is so enchanting that I wanted to bottle it! That natural deep-rose plum brings out her beautiful brown eyes, adding instant sultry Latin sex-appeal to anyone who wears it.”

The Matte Revolution formula was a satin matin which left a slight stain through the day. There is no smell to the lipsticks and they were quite comfortable. Not drying at all and as mentioned, the angled flat top works really for applying lipstick on the fly. I have my eyes on Carina's Love next! These glide on with full opaque color.

Lipstick doesn't necessarily boost my confidence and there are certain colors that make me feel more , rather than less, shy when I wear them, especially those that are fully opaque and bright. But there is something freeing when you say to yourself "screw it, I'm wearing this color" and give up caring that you're wearing a blazing red lip to work. I still haven't been able to do that on the daily though and my reds are sitting deep in my lipstick drawer. But I do believe in how a little make up and a put together face can boost confidence! I always feel a little bit more presentable even when only using a touch of concealer and lining my eyes. 

Which color would you get? Does lipstick or makeup increase your confidence?


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