Wednesday 30 December 2015

Looky Eyes 3D Mascara Review*

*Press Sample

Asian lashes are a condition born by many. Mascaras that work for others fail to lift, to curl, or to volumize. The pile of options only grows as each new mascara falls into the 'natural lashes' euphemism and even the most adamant of sales pitches are no match for short straight lash hairs. The Looky Eyes 3D mascara* ($26CDN at Rexall, Pharmasave and Value Drug Mart) has some serious claims which might change that around.

looky eyes 3D mascara

The Looky Eyes 3D Mascara is actually a set of two mascara tubes. The combination of gel and fibres are supposed to creat a false lash effect and to outperform regular mascaras in delivering a lash lengthening and volume intensifying 3D effect.  

looky eyes 3D mascara preparation gel

A 7ml Preparation Gel is supposed to have an undersized wand which you place over your mascara. It gives a base for the fibres to adhere to and seals them after they are applied.

looky eyes 3D mascara fibres
A 1ml tube of fibres adds length and volume. The fibres are made out of green tea and nylon and come out in a very linty looking tiny wand. When applied these are super linty on my lashes and made me worry about having small fibres fall into my eyes. My lashes had a furry look until I sealed them with the Preparation Gel. 

looky eyes 3D mascara
with lashes curled only
looky eyes 3D mascara
with one coat of Cargo Picture Perfect HD mascara
looky eyes 3D mascara
Preperation Gel over the Cargo Mascara on the right side
looky eyes 3D mascara
after all the steps
looky eyes 3D mascara

There many steps to use this product:
1) Apply your favourite mascara.
2) Apply the preparation gel to all eye lashes (preferably one eye at a time).
3) Apply the Fibres
4) Seal the Fibres with the Preparation Gel.
5) Reapply more coats of Fibres and Preparation Gel as needed.

The results are real, but...
 I really got false lashes when I used this but the multisteps and multitubes might not be for everyone. Also, this has a steep price and you still need to use your original mascara to begin with. Using the Preparation Gel without your original mascara doesn't quite produce the same result so, thats;s almost $25+ for your lashes. Also over time, the Preparation Gel gets goopy in the tube and starts to clump on the lashes. The Gel is thick and it might be brushing the fibres off the lashes.

The fibres worry me. They weren't like the Asian fibre lash mascaras I've tried in the past which have long straight fibres. Those have worked really well for me and almost produce the same results as the Looky Eyes option. Through the day, the mascara did not smudge. It was easily removed with an oil based eye makeup remover. I was worried that so many coats would make my lashes droop and there was some very slight drooping but mostly my lashes stayed up.

Overall...I like the initial results. But it gets goopy after a few uses. My lashes still are extended and volumized but this is just a time consuming and pricey product.

What do you think? Would you go for this?


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