Monday 28 December 2015

Deciem Hylalmide SubQ Eyes*

*Press sample
Deciem Hylamide Subq Eye serum review

Has everyone and their mom talked about this lately? Deciem has been getting a lot of blogger love lately and I was sent the Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advance Serum* ($35CDN, 15ml) to try. I've noticed a bit more under eye baggage and I've been using eye creams a bit more regularly.

Deciem Hylamide Subq Eye serum review

The Hylamide Subq Eye Serum is supposed to increase surface and below-surface hydration, reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles, dynamic lines and textural irregularities. It contains a lot of interested ingredients like Nonapetide-3 Retino Complex (supposedly even better than Retinol), Fluorinated Perflurocarbon Complex (for tightening) and other impressive sounding things which might actually do more for you than some of the other eye serums out there.

Deciem Hylamide Subq Eye serum review

I let this sit in my 'to test' pile for a couple of months and when I opened the bottle I wondered if it had gone off. The texture is of a thin gel and it has a yellow creamy color which had slightly seperated. I give it a quick shake every time I use it. The dropper thing isn't much of an applicator ( read Caroline Hiron's post to see why this applicator style was used and to learn more about why
 their ingredients should work). I just wait for the liquid to fall down onto my finger tips.

Deciem Hylamide Subq Eye serum review

When I apply a small drop, day and night, to my undereye area (and blend up and around), I get a slightly warm tingle which makes me feel like its working. It didn't give me the exact same tightening feeling as the Eyesilix from Indeed Labs but it was similar though more pronounced. 

Deciem Hylamide Subq Eye serum review

I've used this for two months now and I have not seen a big difference under my eyes. I haven't had the best of sleep lately so my eye bags are a bit heavier than normal (which has made for great testing conditions...sadly).

I don't have dry under eye areas so I can't really say how deeply this has moisturized but I have noticed a few milia forming around the area which might mean it is moisturizing too much...Eye creams and serums are so hard to test sometimes because the counterfactual is not available.  I think the Eyesilix did a slightly better job at de-puffing the area but I'll continue to use Hylamide as an ounce of prevention...

Any eye bag saviours? 

Daily Zen: This was my attempt at an eye bag joke:
Jenn: Dear, I have so many eye bags I have to pay for the extra luggage fee.
David: What?!
Jenn: I said, my eye bags are so bad, I'll have to pay for the extra baggage fee. were trying make a joke...Nice try Jenn.


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