Friday 18 December 2015

PSA: Ornamental Beauty

Have you considered the perfect combination of foliage confectionary that would say, "YES this tree is SO ME!?" 

Do you yet know what color schemes and general designs will adorn your indoor houseplants? 

Between Country Christmas and Winter Wonderland, there are just too many options for baubles, lights, tinsel, candy canes, bells, tree toppers, glitter, fake snow, popcorn garlands, music boxes, angels, round ornaments, oval ornaments, cone-shaped ornaments, square-shaped ornaments *breathes*, stars, santas wreathes, holly, train sets, and tree skirts to choose from and they all have to match. Frankly if its not going to win Town and Home Magazine awards, you may as well not start.

But worry not! If you are one part design dyslexic, two parts lazy and thirty parts money bags, there are now tree decorations that make tree ornamentation that much easier. Friends, behold the beauty ornaments.

The beauty ornaments will save you time. They will save you space. And they will save you the hassle of cleaning up 50% of your holiday decorations. Watch, as after Dec 25th, all ornaments leave your abode in the trunks and totes of your giftees. Invite more people over since they just help with party clean up anyways! And what's more, these are party souvenirs that everyone can use and your tree designs will be fresh and new every year. Think of all the possibilities. Think of all the joy. Think of all the good skin you'll be gifting to your love ones....its only win-win.

It almost Dec 25th. 
Do you have your seasonally festive holiday tree up yet? 
How do you decorate your holidays?

Daily Zen: And you thought the Vancouver housing market was tough? At least the owners aren't international persons of interest.


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