Friday 22 August 2014

Lancome Grandiose Mascara*

*Press Sample

 Since my world view on Lancome mascara's got turned around by their Hypnose Star Mascara, I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't a little interested when internet murmurs about a new Lancome mascara started. Thanks to Influester, I was in the first groups of people to try this new one out. 

This mascara ($35CDN, 10ml) sports a swan neck wand to allow for ease of application corner to corner, an elastomer bursh for high grasping precision applicaiton, and an innovative formula with ultra black pigment and 24h no flaking. You are suppose to get fanned-out lashes with length, curve and volume.

I was also a little sold by their video:

Swan bent neck? Slightly gimmicky? Sure but I did find the bent neck actually more ergonomic. Trust me, I was as surprised as you are. (I sort of wanted to poo-poo the whole thing but...when it works, it works...) Sure, I'm not exactly getting crippling wrist pains from using my regular straight handled mascaras but the bent shape did make it less awkward to get to the little lashes on the edges of my lash line. 

But that's where the awesome ends. First day application, the formula was a bit wet and didn't build up, and then built up way too much without much length, clumping lashes together in twos, making them really fat and caterpillar-esque (note the eye on the left). 

On subsequent days, I got a bit dryer formula still giving me volume and now a little more length as each coat gripped better to the lash. However, the bristles are so spaced apart, lashes still group together and lash caterpillars are apparent. I do get ultra black lashes which haven't smudged and the curve is maintained through the day but the look is not for people with sparse lash lines to begin with. The best way to use the wand is to twirl it while stroking up. Much better lashes seperation is achieved this way but too many strokes still give me some caterpillars.

I wanted to like the Grandiose. I'm honestly enjoying the shape of the 'neck' but I wish it had the same dense bristles as the Hypnose Star. At least that one catches onto each of my lashes and builds them up and out separately. I'm still going to use it, it does the job and my lashes are incredibly black but there's a slight learning curve and it doesn't give me quite the look I like.

 Were you interested in this product? Are you still interested?

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