Tuesday 19 August 2014

For the Eye Bags - Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector*

*Press Sample

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector swatch review fair/light

 There's something special about the mirrors in the bathroom at work. Nothing quite draws out the under-eye baggage quite like those fluorescent lights. You think you covered those babies up but your reflection during the morning work pee break makes you wonder if you need some sort of eye-bra to help you lift those bags. Add to some progressively smudgy eyeliner,  you may have started the day off at the ripe age of 26, but you're ending the day at the almost over-ripened age of 80.

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector swatch review fair/light

Though no eye-bra has yet entered the Home Shopping Networks catalogs (it's a matter of time, ladies), those with darkened lower eye areas can find refuge in a number of quick drugstore cover-me ups. The Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector* ($19.99CDN, 8ml) promises corrected dark circles, minimized puffiness, awakenend skin (will it sing "the hills are alive"?), evened skin tone and hydrated eye areas. Frankly I'm looking for something to cover up the fact that I'm slowly emulating a panda as the day progresses.

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector swatch review fair/light

You get the cool metal feel of the roller ball as you apply the fluid, which goes on thinly without overload the product, like those clicky-pen highlighter things always seem to do. Around 3pm every work day, I've been grabbing this and applying it onto my somehow yet darker eye circles. Nothing quite like staring at excel charts and application forms to really dial up that tired feeling. 

The shade Fair/Light does a good job at laying over the darkness and adding some light colored pigment to reduce the look of my circles. The fluid isn't heavy, doesn't feel cakey and is comfortable to wear. I'm enjoying this addition more than I expected and have been keeping it at my work to use everyday. Added with some light skin care claims and you've got a good every product you can use quickly and on the go.

If you're looking for a pigmented fluid to quickly cover up your dark circles as they peak through during the day, this may be a product worth considering. The price point is a little high but only a little is necessary and I can see myself using the same tube for quite a while.

What do you think? Is there a place for this in your makeup bag?

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