Tuesday 15 October 2013

PSA: Things to Think About Before Depotting

I hate clutter.  So, when it comes to make-up, I try and depot as much of my powder products as I can. Having gone through more than a few depotting parties (really, just me and a lot of music while I work), let me share some wisdom on things you should consider.

I wouldn't say I'm crazy-uber tidy but, if you know me, you'll know that I'll be the person cleaning up before a party is over, tidying my desk because I can stand the mess, or sweeping my floors on a more than regular basis. (I may or may not have done said sweeping naked when I was just about to step into the shower but then noticed how dirty my floors were.....). So when it comes to my makeup, I try and condense my collection as much as I can by removing product pans from their bulking plastic packaging (depotting).

Here are things to think about before you begin your organizational journey. Learn from my mistakes!!!

1. Are you going to sell these? How much do you like your product?
So, you're all excited. You've got your tools and you're ready to go. You start depottting and when you're done, you give yourself a pat on the back for getting through it all. But wait. That berry blush you only sort of kind of liked?...well...you depotted that too and even though you never use it, you have now seriously reduced the likelihood that you can give it away or sell it to someone because it no longer has its home. Didn't think about that did ya'?! Suffice it to say, don't get too carried away....

2. Do you like to touch up during the day?
So you went and bought the most massive Z palette/empty palettes you could just so you can behold all your depotted glories all in one place. Well, how are you going to carry that pan of blush around during the day? In a ziplock? I think not, pretty lady. This is easily solvable by buying a smaller palette for your makeup bag. But still....all I had were the massive ones OK?

3. It's not as easy as it looks.
I don't know what unicorn magic powers some beauty bloggers on youtube have but your pan will not always lift perfectly out of its packaging. In my experience, I tend to shatter about 40-50% of the pans I depot (notice the lumpy looking blushes in the photo? yea, those...). Granted, I'm pretty impatient and try to lift the pans out before the glue has dissolved completely so it's sometimes my fault. But just keep in mind, this is an exercise in patience. Using rubbing alcohol may sometimes cause the powder in the pan to soften which increases the likelihood of it cracking. Using the heat method will also soften the powder. You've just go to go slow and pause in between to see how your lovely powder is doing. 

4. How many are you going to depot?
Use those spatial organization skills!! Don't go crazy, depotting everything and not having enough space to put the empty pans in. Usually I try and eyeball where all the pans will go before I start so I'm not left with pans hanging out by their lonesome on my desk. Keep in mind that if you're using craft supply magnetic strips as backing, they won't always perfectly align in your make up palette. This is annoying, so give yourself some extra margin space too.

Well there you go! Hopefully that gave you some food for thought before you started. Most posts talk about how to depot but I wish I had thought about these things before I began.

In general, I'm a fan of the rubbing alcohol method which is used to dissolve the glue holding down pans to their packaging. I have tried the flame/heat methods but I can't stand the smelling of burning plastic and feel like some of my brain cells are dying from inhaling the chemicals. Sometimes things go rather smoothly, sometimes they do not. 

What kind of depotting mishaps have you encountered? Do you depot your cosmetics?

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