Tuesday 19 February 2013

Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask

Sometimes, you've just got to listen to your mother.

sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask review
During Christmas my skin got dry in patchy places on my face and my mother recommended this product to me. She was pretty excited about it actually and I probably should have taken her advice sooner. She had to forcefully pack this into my bag back to Toronto and I'm, once again, thankful for her intervention.

sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask review

The product website states that the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask replenishes your skin while you rest and your skin's natural glow will be awakened the next morning. This product is suppose to minimize redness with white mulberry extract and promote long term hydration with hyaluronic acid. 

sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask review

sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask review

sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask review

It comes in a tube and I always end up squeezing way more than I need onto my hand. I've read some people online who use a very thin layer but because of the squeeziness of my tube, I end up applying a thick layer by accident. This hasn't worked out poorly for me though.

This product does what it says as far as moisturizing goes. It moisturized my dry bits in about 3 days. I'm always a bit skeptical about products that claim anything about 'glow' and I personally don't pay much attention to whether or not my skin is 'glowing'. I probably should. Half you guys out there are probably after that illusive 'glow' right? 

As a heavy duty moisturizing mask, this does the job but I didn't realize how expensive it was! On the website it says $50 but if you try buying it in a mall it's more than that, and way more than if you bought it straight from Korea. I know that skincare treatments can be expensive in general, but I haven't made a habit of buying them so I'm always a bit surprised. I do have to say, that it smells...kinda bad. Not bad enough that I won't use it, but scent descriptions of herbal medicine..and dare I say, feet, come to mind. The smell doesn't waft though, so your bed partner or roommate won't be affected. 

All in all, worth the smell, and does the job! I'll be using this to fix any problem dry areas in the future but probably not on a nightly basis.

What's your favorite overnight mask?


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