Sunday 3 February 2013

Kose ClearTurn White Essence Face Mask Review

(Unfortunately photos in this post were lost due to The Great Deletion of 2014. Some efforts to re-do photos will be made but not all posts will be redone.)

i do love my asian sheet masks but i seriously wish that i had read +Musingsofa Muse's review on this product before i bought them from Sasa in hong kong.

kose clearturn white essence face mask

in my defense i did read the reviews on the Sasa website before buying and the positive reviews outweighed any concerns i had. yes, per sheet these are quite inexpensive. actually the entire package is inexpensive and costs around $15CND for 26 sheets! however, the first time i tried them on, i wondered how i will ever motivate myself to finish the other 25.

the fit is...just bad. there are air bubbles and extra flaps along the edges (there are extra flaps for under your eyes but i feel like that was intentional and take less issue there). it doesn't sit flush on the skin.

the sheets themselves have a weird matte while slightly damp feeling. when they sit on your face you'd think that there was no serum on them but there is. i partially attribute that to the ingredients. when i first opened the package the first sheets were a little dry. storing the box upside down has helped this issue.

that's all fine but the real down fall is the feeling after you've removed them. a film of serum, or whatever, is left behind on your face. this is typical of all masks but this film does not absorb and sits on your skin making it feel, again, weirdly matte, yet damp. i decided to wash my face a few moments after because it just wasn't a pleasant sensation. to me, this defeats the point of having the serum in the first place. i do not know how well it actually whitens my skin since i have only used about 3 now.

if you're on a low budget and you really want to try these out go ahead and buy them. there are enough people that love these that maybe you will too. and looking at the Sasa website shows that Kose has changed the product slightly so maybe the product has improved. but, i honestly prefer the My Beauty Diaries masks much much more.

not a fan and would probably not purchase these again.


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