Saturday 9 April 2016

Cushion all the things! (ft. THEFACESHOP Cushion Blush* Review)

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush in Peach

Cushions, they're so hot right now.

Cushion Products

Known for their proficient back supporting properties, the cushion has now been appropriated for makeup use and to much success. If the make up industry isn't known for taking one concept and attempting it in as many different varieties as it possibly can, then cheese isn't moldy milk. Starting out as the newest concept for foundation application, the cushion format is now found in eye shadows, eye liners and THEFACESHOP's Hydro Cushion Blush* ($15CDN, 10g) is the latest in the game.

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush in Peach

THEFACESHOP's Hydro Cushion Blush* contains a moisture-packed formula that delivers a naturally flushed glow. Ingredients include LighteffectsTM pigments which uses principles of light reflection and absorption, Radiance Intense Powder made of crushed crystals increase skin radiance by 15% and Ultra Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid adds moisture.

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush in Peach swatch

The cushion picks up and applies more liquid blush than I would prefer. The Peach color is quite translucent. Its not sheer but extremely pastel (with a bit of that classic BB cream grey tinge). What you see in the above photo, is really what you get. It can be hard to detect if too blended but blending is necessary to smooth out blush sponge impressions on my face. I used my finger tips which shifted the color around lot. I suggest waiting a few moments for the liquid to dry before buffing out the edges.

Taking photos for this post was a frustrating activity where I could only see the color on my face because I knew where to look. Because of the pastel and translucency of the shade, all my shots were pretty unsatisfactory even when I packed on the blush or tried various shooting locations.

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush in Peach
A photo of me in frustration. Can you see the blush? This was honestly the best picture which showed it...I think you can see what I mean by the grey tinge and the pastel.
Shade aside, there is a general and surprising amount of glow in the applied area and the liquid gives a dewy finish. Even though it felt quite liquid on my cheeks, it dried down unexpectedly well. Due to its translucency and dry down, I think this would make for a great no blush/ blush (if that's not a thing, I'm inventing it now) but the color will look ashy and pale on many people. Deeper skintones need not apply.

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush

THEFACESHOP Hydro Cushion Blush

The formula lasted extremely well and was still going strong till the end of the day. For something that started off quite liquid, the longevity, and finish were better than I expected. I wish it wasn't as chalky or pastel and that the sponge didn't pick up so much liquid but if those were tweaked, this would be all around awesome. As it stands, this is a great blush formula with a few misses in application and color. Both failings are easily bearable for those curious enough to try this THEFACESHOP's blush option but I would make sure, in stores, that the color is what you are looking for. There is also a Pink option which may or may not work better for you.

Ever felt so frustrated when the color isn't showing up in the photos but does in real life?


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