Saturday 16 April 2016

Make Up Mules

In anticipation of going to Taiwan in May and meeting Daphne for the first time, I offered to be her "makeup mule" in case she was missing western brands. I'll leave her to showcase a few of the Sephora items she will opportunely procure via my trans-pacific voyage.

There have been so many times where I've selfishly utilized a friend's travel plans for my own procurement pleasure. Any mention of a someone heading to Asia is usually met with a sweetly, but hastily, requested list of items to bring back. I am not preferential towards just the Asian continent, go anywhere, and I will find something that you will need to bring back for me. Here are just a few items that my friends have lovingly drug makeup-muled back for me.

London: Barry M polishes were a thing for a while on Youtube and I had to have Greenberry. A friend also picked me up a matte as well. The Arabian Night Sleek Palette was procured via Vanessa's trip to the UK, and I don't remember the exact circumstances of the MUA blushes but it definitely involved Vanessa again. We did a unboxing video about it. I'm too lazy to rewatch it, though it is one of my better ones.

Stockholm: My bestest bud Vania went to Sweden on vacation and I was curious about what I could possibly get there. Then I remembered how some beauty bloggers raved about the blushes from FACE Stockholm. Vania got me two and sadly I gave up one in a purging spree. These things are wonderfully cream so I'm mildly regretting it.

Korea: Is there nothing I don't want from Korea? I loved the Clio Gelpresso Liners I bought when I went and asked Terri to grab me another while she was in Seoul. In an even more impressive 2nd -degree mule-ing, my brother's girlfriend's friend was visiting from Korea and managed to bring back two Pony Makeup Books for me. I've never even met them before, I'm that good. Further to these, my mom went to Asia a few years ago and haul many a thing for me. This included Laneige lipsticksEstee Lauder's Color Envy Shines before they were launched in North America, and DHC Oil Cleanser.

Hong Kong/China: Before T&T upped the ante in their beauty department, I would find ways to get My Beauty Diary masks. I also LOVE the Fairydrops Mascara so a traveler would need to make their way to a Watsons or SaSa for me. There are many more varieties of that mascara in asia than there are here.

I'm pretty determined when I want something and if someone is going abroad, I will unabashedly ask for a favour or two. It always works out for me :P.

Ever asked anyone to be a make-up mule?


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