Monday, 25 April 2016

Looks with Dior's Polka Dot Eyeshadow Palettes - Escapade and Bain de Mer*

When a new collection launches, what do you look at first? My eyes always go towards the eyeshadows. After seeing a few promo photos of the Dior Summer collection, Escapade, an orange and pink option seemed right up my alley, while Bain de Mer made me curious. 

This Summer's launch is supposed mix sand tones and milky shades. The polka dot theme is intended to bring to mind charm, elegance and fashion. The latest 5 Colour Palettes are supposed to be vibrant and ultra-pigmented.  Each retail for $73 CDN and can be found in department stores (not Sephora).

Escapade marries melon, bronze, pink and beige. I loved the idea of orange and pink together and this was a great combination to use. Place the orange on the lid, the brown in the outer corner, and blend the crease with the pink; you'll get a feminine soft look that is so wearable.

Bain de Mer is a challenging palette in terms of color. I don't know how to use these sorts of pastels and enjoy darker and warmer blues instead.  I used the glittery centre shade all over the lid and the dark pink in the outer corner. Though the promos use the darker blue in the outer corner, I've used it on the lower lash line and placed the lighter blue on the inner corner.

It turned out better than I expected and I don't get that weird clash from pink and blue being right next to each outer. Still, though I enjoy the idea of the blues, I know they won't make it into my regular routine.

These palettes are not as vibrant and ultra-pigmented as promised. When swatched on the arm, I really had to build up swatches for photo visibility. When placed on the lid without primer, building is also necessary. Always use a primer and even then, one or two layers may be necessary. 

In my experience, most of the 5 Colour palettes have not been as pigmented as I like, with the exception of last Christmas' palettes. Rubbing your brush into the color and ensuring primer use are two ways to get good color pay off.  That being said, once the colors are applied, they do look quite beautiful and blend well. Of the two, I easily enjoy Escapade. The color combination is intuitive and pretty. I don't think I'll ever figure out to wear pastel blue and pink together. 

At $73, this is a bit of stretch. I would have loved to see the polka dot theme embossed onto shades or even printed on the plastic compact instead of just on the outside box. I would have also like a bit more pigmentation but at least there is no patchiness and the colors are buildable.

Do you know how to wear blues and pinks together? Teach me your ways.


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