Monday 11 April 2016

Make Up Collection Update: First Quarter Results!

Well the first quarter of the year has come and gone and my makeup struggles are still real. The last three months were a forceful attempt at decluttering my stash. I managed to give away some more bags of makeup (and clothing), the ones pictured are merely half. I focused heavily on lips this quarter since it was an easy category for me to start my decluttering journey. So let's do the countdown to see how well I did:

Number of

Oh man. Even though I purged 28 lip colors, I'm still up by 4! Considering 35 came in through the door...I think I did as well as I could but I need to really stick to a 1-in-1 out if I ever want to dip lower than where I started.

This is hard stuff man...

I'm surprised I gave away as many eye colors as I did. I went through many of my small palettes so that helped reduce blocks of colors at a time. 

The major success story this quarter is face items where I managed to dip below my start point. I gave away a lot of primers and concealers and generally didn't keep blushes that I got in the mail.

And so it continues. I'm hoping to focus on eyes products this quarter since I know this will be  my biggest challenge. Starting early might make it easier to hit a good number by the end of the year.


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