Saturday 23 April 2016

Eating Oatmeal - Lush Porridge

lush porridge soap review

It might be boring but almost every morning I eat oatmeal and I'm quite picky about the Oatmeal I eat too. Never "instant" or "quick oats", I reach for "rolled oats" but my first preference is always "steel cut" or "pinhead oats". Though longer to cook, all the nutritional benefits of oatmeal are maintained which are lost when eating pulverized quick oats. 

Getting oatmeal in my daily diet is a healthy way to start the day but another awesome thing about oatmeal is that LUSH uses it in their Porridge soap - my favorite of all the LUSH soaps.

lush porridge soap review

Porridge ($7CDN, 100g) is supposed to be a soap for sensitive skin. It contains oatmeal to exfoliate and cleanse and the bar produces a milky lather that contains orange juice and a caramel scent.

lush porridge soap review

Some people might find this bar inappropriate for sensitive skin. The oatmeal in the bar is quite dense and really gives a good scrub. The oatmeal starts out embedded in the soap (bottom soap in the above photo) but become more prominent as the bar is used (top soap in the above photo). David didn't like this because "it's a bit too scrubby, dear". I don't mind a good daily scrub but a light hand is needed with this soap. 

lush porridge soap review

I really enjoy the scent from this soap and the creamy lather. I don't use it everyday but can if I wanted to and a bar lasts for so long. It was one of the first soaps I explored from LUSH .

Food in your soap? What's your favorite LUSH soap?


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