Wednesday 20 April 2016

Master Sculpting Your Face (ft. MUFE's Pro Sculpting Palette, Lip and Brows*)

I missed out on the art class that the Toronto kids got to attend for the launch of Make Up For Ever's Pro Sculpting* products. Bigger beauty launch events are one thing I miss about Toronto. MUFE's latest line features a Pro Sculpting Face Palette* ($54CDN, 4x0.08g), Lip* ($32CDN, 1g for the color, 0.9g from the highlighter) and Brow* ($32CDN, 0.3g for the color, 0.4g from the highlighter). Everything you could need to chisel up that jaw line, plump up that pucker and lift up those brows is provided! The series is practically a face lift kit.

Testing this press package was so easy. I nearly had everything I needed to make a full face which eliminated a lot of time in 'wear-testing' products. I love testing color does take days to try multiple colors of one lipstick line.

Pro Sculpting Brows and Pro Sculpting Lips

Right away I needed to know if the Pro Sculpting Brows* (50 Black) was going to be my new best brow friend. I've used the MUFE Brow Pencil (#4) forever and it doesn't always seem to be the right shade. This deeper (but still ashy) near black of the Pro Sculpting Brow works slightly better in shade though it doesn't have as strong color opacity as the Brow Pencil. It takes a little longer to do my brows since the tip is much thinner than the pencil; the result, though, is a lot more precise than a dulled pencil.

This product has three sections; a beveled pencil tip, a soft bristled round brush to comb and a highlighting powder and sponge. All three work wonderfully well together and the matte highlighting powder is a nice and useful addition. It doesn't show up in the swatch too well but when used, does highlight the area.

Overall, I like this package and the color suits me better than the Brow Pencil in #4. The pencil sill is more economical so I will most likely return to that when this is done, but no promises.

I received shade10 Rosewood. This 2-in-1 lip color adds volume to the lips via an iridescent power-to-cream highlighter that can be applied fully or in the centre.  Power-to-cream, how often have we heard it the other way around? But  it is, strangely, as described and incredibly iridescent.

The formula is semi matte and had OK staying power. It goes on without tugging but it didn't last for as long as I would have liked and the center definitely wore faster than the edge. It leaves enough stain to get away with though I would suggest bringing the pencil for reapplication. I didn't find this drying nor moisturizing. 

Placing the highlight in the inner lips adds more volume, much like the trick of dabbing shimmer gloss into that area will. I'm enjoying this deeper MLBB near berry shade and the look gives the right level of lip drama without veering into red or vampy territory.

Pro Sculpting Face Palette

I received shade #20 which was the right choice in a range of four options. This palette contains ultra-blendable creams that highlight, contour, shimmer and color to perfectly sculpt your face. Supposedly long-lasting, the formula crease a second-skin finish with super-smooth comfortable results in a lightweight non-sticky formula.

The package helpfully includes tips on how best to use each colors for your face shape.  The contour shade is about right in color but is less cool than I liked. The shimmer highlight is spot on for color and the blush is quite nice in shade as well. 

Overall, I found these creams too blendable but lightweight and non-sticky (as described). Layering multiple times was necesary to get the right placement and concentration of color and it is long wearing with this amount of layering. Streaky blocks of color are left when you don't blend, so the multiple layers are unavoidable. Because of the constantly layer-blend-layer-blend, this is not a quick use product. 

 I still haven't figured out how to use the pale non-shimmer highlight shade without looking starkly pale in the applied areas. Placed under my eyes as suggested, the area looks pale and a little sickly. It works great as a pale highlight in other areas but I don't see myself reaching for this shade often.

When all three products are used in conjunction with each other, my face was definitely more on point than usual. This routine take a little more time but perfection comes when a little more time and care is given to your work; therein is the tradeoff. I enjoy the lip product the most but that closely ties with the brow option. I had hoped that the face palette would have been awesome but gave less impact than hoped for. 

In general, I liked how 'packagd this new launch is. Pick a shade from each of the lines and you'll be near done with makep up basics. Just check beforehand if the colors are right for you.

Have you tried any of these yet?


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