Friday 1 May 2015

Deep Cleaning Brushes

how to deep clean brushes

 I use olive oil to clean my brushes. Does anyone else do that *raises eyebrows*? 

For the most part, brush cleaning is one of those awful chores we all hate to do but know we should. Most of us have gone the way of buying more brushes in order to avoid cleaning with the ironic result that each time you do clean, you actually need to clean more.

how to deep clean brushes
This is certainly true when it comes to my eye brushes. I have more than two handfuls now and Dr. Bromner's Magic Soap, regular soap or the Karen Zander Brush Soap, which smells like mangoes and comes in other scents as well, removes powder products off bristles easily and fast.

I bought the Karen Zander cake at the FTB pop-up stores months back. Scrubbing my brushes is easy with the loofal on one side of the cylindrical soap bar but this still doesn't cut it for any bristles that have touched cream or liquid products. For that, I head to my kitchen.

how to deep clean brushes

The same principle that makes me use cleansing oils to remove foundation makes me choose oil for my brushes. Lipids are the best for removing evidence of multi-weeks (yes, I'm gross) worth of foundation application from my face brushes. It's not the best solution but one that definitely works. The bristles always soak up the oil and getting it off with regular soap afterwards takes more than a few rinses. If the oil is really clinging I'll use dish soap, which can dry out the bristles. I have used some disliked cleansing oils on my brushes as well, a more gentle solution but also less effective. 

There are a number of ways I could improve on this whole process. Washing more often, would be a good idea. Using less water in general while I wash might make me feel better too. And maybe finding an oil based cleanser for brushes that emulsifies would be awesome (entrepreneurial idea right there). But for now, these are the ways I deep clean my brushes.

Do you use oils to clean your brush? How do you clean? Any brush cleaner suggestions?

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