Thursday 7 May 2015

In the Moment #30: Meet-Ups, Make Up Swaps and Making People Happy

One thing I absolutely love about blogging and about the CBB Network are the friendships I've made. More importantly, another thing I absolutely love is the way we solve our makeup collection mismatches. In other word, swapping with your makeup friends is just about the best thing ever.

Zoe was in town over the weekend and the Toronto CBB girls took the opportunity to meet a fellow network member, to hang out and to get rid of some make up. 

We've tried the swapping thing a few times now and the format still needs tweaking but we're onto a good formula now. The format works only when everyone enters with the idea of de-stashing. The process isn't meant to be a 1-for-1 type swap for objects of 'equal value'. Everyone brings what they don't want or have fallen out of love with and picks up things that they might want to try out.

It's obvious just how much stuff we all have and how much we wanted to get rid of it. Look at that table! After people took a few things, it started to look like Julie was going to have to lug more than our collective body weights' worth of makeup to her local shelter. That's when we started letting random people join in. A sprawling long table of product is hard to miss, and we made open invitations to any female coming into our Tim's to take whatever they wanted.  

I learned a few things while I watched this happen.
1) The things we 'know', are not common knowledge. I was surprised that girls didn't know what Too Faced was. I was slightly less surprised that they didn't know Guerlain, but still surprised.

2) Giving people make up can make them really happy. Being surrounded by 'beauty' all the time might have desensitized me to all the 'prettiness'. There were a few girls who were just so excited to pick out a few lipsticks or blushes for themselves. 

At the end, we literally had about 50 nail polishes left over and it was offered to our Spring Roll's waitress in a last effort to rid ourselves of it. She was so excited when we tentatively asked, "Do you like nail polish?" She literally laid our her hands with a huge smile on her face to receive the bag and started to respond "How...? You know what, I don't even want to know." 

I realize that I can take makeup for granted. I have so much of it, I forget how a single lipstick can bring happiness. I also tend to link 'doing good' to grander gestures of international aid, and poverty relief but honestly, a new lipstick or blush can bring some good too. 

Here's what I ended up with. I didn't think I would write about this, so I didn't take a photo of what I brought.

 Have you made a random person happy lately? What are things that still surprise you about beauty and the public?

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