Tuesday 12 May 2015

Shooting "On Location" and Dior Tie Dye Nude Tan Blushes*

*Press Sample
dior nude tan tie dye coral sunset pink sunrise blush review swatch

I wanted to take photos of these products on the beach. You know, just hanging out on the beach, like make up products often do. Using the beach as my "set" seemed like a brilliant tie-in to Dior's summer Tie Dye theme (props to Julie for the idea) except I didn't quite factor in how annoying it can be to shoot "on location".

dior nude tan tie dye coral sunset pink sunrise blush review swatch

Firstly, I made my jaunt down to the beach with what seemed like an army backpack's worth of camera and make up supplies. To avoid as many people as I could, I made my jaunt at 8am on a Sunday. Except I didn't avoid anyone since 8am is healthy-people-exercising-on-beach time.

Secondly, its already awkward to take selfies in the comfort of your own home. Try doing it in public by a windy beach. Nothing quite makes you look like a crazy person as you sit on a log with makeup splayed all around you, putting on some blush, taking 40 pictures of your self, wiping that blush off, then putting on another blush and taking another 40 pictures of yourself. Now add in fixing your hair until "perfect". Now add in doing that for lipsticks. With my huge bag of supplies, passerby probably thought, "That girl camped over night...and brought a week's worth of makeup...and she can't decide which color looks best...so she needs to take photos of herself..."

Thirdly, sand gets everywhere and sticks to everything. I took some of the Dior Addict lipsticks to the beach too and the tubes still crunch a little when I twist them up and down.

Fourthly, no squat exercise can prepare your glutes for the awkward squat/stand angles you need to take photos of blush on a log.

Props to photographers and models; on location shoots are no joke.

dior tie dye coral sunset blush swatch

Anyways, the Dior Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition Blushes* ($57 CDN) comes in Coral Sunset and Pink Sunrise. The NUDE embossed and tie-dye detailing on these are really on point with the theme.  The blushes are supposed to give the skin sun-kissed radiance.

dior tie dye pink sunrise blush swatch

The partnered Kabuki brush (stupidly, I did not take a photo) works amazingly well with the powders. Not the softest in the word but hardly scratchy, they're dense enough to pick up the right amount of product. Something my other brushes couldn't quite achieve with these compacts. Pink Sunrise kicks up a bit of powder and seems slightly lighter in vibrancy than Coral Sunset but both look great on the skin in real life. Coral Sunset lasted the entire duration of the day and Pink Sunrise performed quite well too.

dior coral sunset pink sunrise blush swatch

I wasn't so in love with the Tie Dye theme but when wore on the skin I'm loving the summery orange tinge of Coral Sunset and the light pink flush of Pink Sunrise. Maybe I can get behind this summer thing after all. As for shooting "on location", it was so logistically and emotionally awkward it might be a while before I try it again. It would probably have been less awkward if someone else was taking the photos of me. At least we could pass those off as family/friend photos. Friends of the blushes that is.

Ever shot "on location"? Which color would you pick up?


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