Friday 22 May 2015

The Little Things

Shrink anything and you will instantly get a few likes just for being so adorbs. (Take Steph, for example. Hahaha! Sorry.)

Mini horses? Frickin cute.
Mini human? Oomgz
Mini cake on sticks? Get into my tummy now.

(Mini Pashli? One day you will be miinnnesss...*edit*...have since bought this bag)

Not only do mini items get points for aesthetic but I've been loving a few miniatures in my beauty stash for pure functionality.

1) If my travel bottle of Elnett hairspray were its torpedo sized older sister, it would take me two lifetimes to finish it. The only thing I do with my hair is wash it (thank dear god, at least that), so this mini has lasted me forever.

2) Yes, the mini perfume. Lancome's La Vie est Belle is portable, dabbable and still kicking around after much *tock tock*ing of the wrists and neck. A fave scent, I have now procured a full size.

3) Leave it to a Scandinavian country to create minimal and function design. Face Stockholm blushes are less than palm sized and awesome. I should probably showcase them on the blog soonish just to share the joy of owning one of these.

4) An unexpected win from a giveaway, the Bareminerals 2.0 Eyeshadow in The Promise makes buying duos instead of giant palettes actually interesting again. The colors look blah but are surprisingly effortless on the lid. Easy and quick, sometimes less is more.

5) My Dermalogica's Skin Hydration Booster sample is only 7ml but holy cow it has smoothed down dry cheek patches like no body's business and has lasted months.  Like, I wouldn't even buy the full sized...just keep buying the mini if I can.

6) Nail HQ's All in One nail treatment gives a weird green tinge but it's been helping me grow my nails (just by protecting them with a coat of polish). Nothing super innovative but whatever, I'm gonna keep it.

So many of these things are little engines that could. Palm sized and never ending, more and more I appreciate how much of a black hole my stash has become. Finding small wins and being able to forsee actually finishing something gives my makeup hoarding heart some space to stop panicking.

Favorite minis?

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