Thursday 14 May 2015

Awesome Cheek Duos ft. Mary Kay's Mineral Cheek Duos*

*Press Sample
mary kay mineral cheek duos spiced poppy ripe watermelon juicy guava swatch review

I am constantly in appreciation and in love with Mary Kay's powder products. Their eyeshadow have consistently performed well and on par, if not better, with some high end products that I've tried. Every season Mary Kay sends along their latest releases and I try to only showcase the things that are interesting to me. The summer season's 'must haves' is easily their Mineral Cheek Duos*

mary kay cheek duos spiced poppy ripe watermelon juicy guava swatch

The Mineral Cheek Duos* ($20CDN) contain one matte blush and a pearlized highlighter. I haven't tried the NARS Dual-Intensity duos but these sheer-able, bold, vibrant shades would probably give them a run for their money. The colors are supposed to stay true and last all day. 

Spiced Poppy: toasty orange with deep shimmery highlight
Ripe Watermelon: summery pink with pale pearl highlight
Juicy Guava: warm coral with soft golden pearl highlight

mary kay mineral cheek duos juicy guava swatch

The orange-red brick sort of shade was very intimidating in the pan. I know Liz has expressed love for this sort bold brick shade but it's not always for the feint of heart or pale of skin. Thankfully the color blends out quite well and you can be light handed. Not a favorite shade of the three but I liked exploring the idea of a brick colored blush.

mary kay cheek duos  ripe watermelon swatch

Ripe Watermelon is a cool pink that is very feminine and cute. This is the perfect gyaru cheek color and the light pink highlight perfectly offsets the pink blush.

mary kay cheek duos spiced poppy swatch review

Juicy Guava is practically screaming out Vanessa's name. Its a great coral shade that will pair well with a spring dress.

The cheek duos give intense color, have great blendability and last a long while. The corresponding highlighters provide a good sheen and are not gritty or sparkly. The color combinations were thoughtfully paired and have made cheek coloring very easy. I love how pigmented the blushes are!

I wish Mary Kay was easier to come by. I hesitate at buying products off a website when I can't swatch them before hand and I have to admit that there may be some preconceptions about peer marketing brands like Avon or Mary Kay. But I've tried enough products from them now that I know their pan powder products are always worth it and I'm pretty pleased with these three. If you've been thinking about the NARS Dual-Intensity blushes but don't want to give up the $52 you may want to consider these.

What has been your cheek duo of choice?

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