Wednesday 20 May 2015

Recovery and Graydon's The Mist

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Mist review

That 10K really took it out of me! I thought I would be able to start up my regular gym schedule again but my right knee still feels  90 years old and there's a persistent ache around my inner left ankle (Can anyone tell me what this might be?). Damn it!  Apparently I can't just bounce back from stupidly long runs. I have no interest in doing one, but it wasn't like it was a half marathon! Body, why do you fail me?

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Mist review

I'm used to exercising 3-5 times a week. Whenever I don't, my muscles gets antsy and sluggish and the guilty feels aren't helped at all when I down a couple of slices of cake or cookies.  I have very low willpower and my only recourse is try and furiously burn off all the things I stuff into my body. 

Since my spring chicken status seems to be compromised lately, I'm planning to adapt my exercise routine in order to still feel like I'm doing something, which means I'm contemplating more mat time, at home doing yoga and pilates videos. This doesn't quite give me the same burn though. My first attempt on Victoria Day, resulted in a much longer workout than usual to reach what I felt like was my usual "Yes I have exercised" feeling. 

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Mist review

But from initial experimenting, mat work seems like a good idea. It doesn't stress my knees and I can incorporate more stretching (which I fail to do consistently, another regret I have yet to learn from). I'm pretty lazy about cleaning my mat after a workout though. I just roll the thing up and set it aside but this practice results in unpleasant smells every next time I do a plank. 

Jen suggested I spritz my mat down with some water and vinegar. But I had purchased Graydon's The Germs Away Mist ($15CDN, 120ml) a while ago and it seemed like a nice alternative. It can be used on the body or other physical surfaces to kill germs and reduce odours. Honestly using the spray is an unnecessarily fancy way to clean up my mat, but its been a pleasant little luxury. There's a mild citrus herbal scent that's calming and its been formulated especially for cleaning yoga mats. It's not too expensive so I don't feel that extravagant.

I'm still using Saje's Pain Release products and I'm going to do my best to stretch more. I'm a bit bummed about how my body is reacting but I'm taking this as an opportunity to see if pilates/yoga actually do things. I have to admit that I've always been skeptical. Hopefully my legs heal up soon though.

Ingredients: distilled water (aqua), hydrogen peroxide, ethanol, castor vegetable wax (ricinus communis), grapefruit seed extract (citrus grandis and glycerin) infused with a pure blend of essential oils (parfum) and nothing else!

Have you been in my situation? Do you do yoga/pilates? (and no, I don't really enjoy Blogilates...she's way too peppy for me)

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