Saturday 21 February 2015

In the Moment #22: W3LL People and Detox Market

Being friends with Jen means I'm suddenly being catepaulted into a whole new world of natural skincare.  When Detox Market (367 King Street West, Toronto) invited me to explore W3LL People Cosmetics and meet Shirley Pinkson, the artist behind the brand, I knew I had to invite Jen along as well.

I didn't really know that places like Detox Market existed (Jen also recently introduced me to another similar store, Husk) The store's main focus is to provide natural skincare, cosmetics and wellness products. First originating from LA, the Toronto location is the 2nd for the brand and the store makes an extra effort to find local and Canadian products. Here you can purchase brands such as Odacite, Apothecary, Rahua, CV Skinlabs, Hurraw!, May Lindstrom and so many other I've never even heard of. 

Last week's event showcased the launch of W3ll People at the Detox Market. Detox Market is the only Canadian store that carries this brand of natural mineral based cosmetics. The staff at Detox Market and Shirley Pinkson did an amazing job explaining the ethic behind the line, and the technology and care that went into the design of each product.

When developing her products, Shirley took a look in her kit and tried to create the 'better for you' version of the things she loved. She has a "better for you" version of the MUFE HD setting powder with her Realist Setting Powder, a version of the Laura Mercier Illuminating products with her Bio Brightener Stick, a version of the L'oreal Voluminous Lash with her new Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara and many many others. 

After hearing her run through the product line, I was more than ready to ditch a few of the things I had in place for her products. I especially wanted to try the Narcissist Stick Foundation and Altruist Satin Mineral Foundation. Seeing Shirley demo the Narcissist and Bio Brightener stick made everyday perfected makeup look easy and actually good for you.

During the night, we also got a chance to try some of Greenhouse Juice Co's juices and were given some bottles to take home. My favorites are Harlequin and The Good. I also happened to win a draw and received the Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara and a Nudist Colorbalm Stick. We all received a little pot of the Bio Brigthener as well.

I learned a lot from this event. I learned about the chemicals in my cosmetics and about how natural cosmetics can perform just as well or better than non-natural options. I also started to deeply considering using a natural foundation. I cover my skin in foundation everyday and it's just soaking all those ingredients in...It helps that W3LL People actually has a shade for my warm light-medium skin tone.

Have you considered natural skincare or cosmetics?

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